streda 12. septembra 2012

5 tips how to get inspiration

For the majority of us, creativity comes and goes—one day you can be producing revolutionary work, and the next, youe may be staring at a blank canvas for hours.

But, there’re some things to do to get creative kick start.
Here you find  five  things you can do to smash that wall that’s blocking your way to creative enlightenment.

1. Enjoy commute

When you’re riding a bus or train don’t be only minding your own business and don’t try to be indifferent. Next time, try to observe your surroundings. There are a lot of posters, signs in buses and trains. You can also observe the people around you. There are a thousand possible things that can happen when you’re travelling so maximize your time when commuting by just being observant. And hopefully, we’ll get that big idea before you reach your destination.
2. Go to the bookstore

Looking at books in your favorite bookstore is a great way to getting creatively inspired.
Books, being one of the oldest forms of design, can stimulate creativity by showing you a myriad of design, art, and typography styles and techniques through their covers and pages. Additionally, skimming books that interest you may allow you to discover some knew information that inspires you creatively.
 3. Follow favorite designers in social media

You can find a lot of inspiration from other people. Just browsing internet and searching for „undefinitely something“ is not so useful as look at people who could inspire you. Following on Twitter can give you more and more inspiration.
Services like Twitter and Facebook allow you to see what your favorite designers are up to at any given moment. By following them, you might uncover some links to inspiring web resources and thoughtful anecdotes for inspiration.
4. Find inspiration in nature

Go for a walk in nature. There are several possibilities what you can do in nature. You can mediate or paractise yoga in park. You can watch children playing in park. Or you can watch your pet and try to emulate their mindfulness and playfulness.
Other way how to get inspiration in nature is take a camera outside and making picture of everything what seems beautiful for you.
5. Visit local mall or store

The local shopping center near you might not spell inspiration up front but malls can be a gold mine for inspiration. The many people who visit malls for relaxation and shopping are bombarded by ads and announcements that were created by various designers and artists. Use this to your advantage and observe the different signs, posters and flyers scattered all around the store. We can also check out the different packaging styles and materials used in the merchandise.

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