pondelok 14. januára 2013

How to create good logo infographic

Do you know how to create great logo? Don't forget these five basic principles:
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utorok 6. novembra 2012

Winter games in Sochi have already pictograms!

The set of pictograms is inspired by the 1980 Olympics in Moscow game icons but with more creativity. The pictograms complement the concept of the integrated Look of the Games in Sochi, the patchwork quilt (the combination of 16 ornaments of the most famous national crafts in Russia, from Gzhel to Khokhloma). The graphics used on the pictograms match the Sochi 2014 logo as they have the same line proportions and all the corners wh ere the lines connect are rounded.

The collection is consisting of 22 icons displaying a figurative representation of the competitions.

All 22 icons have been developed using two color schemes. The first is, a monochrome color scheme, the second color scheme comprises of yellow, violet, green, dark blue and red. At the heart of this design is the concept of the integrated visual Look of the Sochi 2014 Games, the patchwork quilt of Russia. These pictograms will be used in the Olympic stadiums, on tickets and on the Sochi 2014 licensed merchandise.

More information:
Or check all set of pictograms:

Here are some of them:

Alpine skiing



Figure skating

Freestyle skiing

Ice hockey


Ski jumping


Speed skating

streda 10. októbra 2012

Halloween party posters for free!!!

Do you prepare any Halloween party and do you need any poster? 
Don't you have time to prepare it? 

So, we have done three for free!!

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Poster No. 1
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piatok 28. septembra 2012

What to drink through weekend?:)

It's Friday and weekend is comming. What will you do? And what's your favorite drink when you celebrate? We bring you some creative designs of alcohol we like.

Would you like to have a glass of beer?
Forgeon Belgium beer
Or honey designed wine?
 by Lauren Golem 

Blind people have the same right to know what wine they drink
by Lazarus Wine’s Braille Wine

Mood's grades - is that true in your case too? (wishing you, happy, jolly, merry, very merry, hic, ever so merry, christmas) by Buddy Mulled Wine

Just hang whereever and drink whenever you wish 
The Versus Wine Pouch

Or something stronger? 
Absolut Vodka Rock edition 

And when you are at party, don't forget to lock your favorite drink:)

piatok 21. septembra 2012

11 food advertisements

We are what we eat or eat we what we are?

Man eats. We eat to survive. We eat beacause of experience of taste. We eat when we are sad. We eat because it's good. Rich people eat more expensive and more quality food. Poor people are satisfied with supermarket offer and they can have big pleasure and feast too. Some food is healthier, some is not so healthy. Someone cares what eats, someone doesn't.

BUT.  On what basis we choose our food? 
According what we know what is new, good and healthy?  
Essential role in our "selection" process definitely plays ads.

We now bring you a few of those ads we like.

"Delifrance - Ready to bake at home" 

 "Chio Nature"

 "Greeenpeace - Do you know what you eat?"

"Why not milk - what brand does this ads looks like?"

"Can you imagine your coffe without Lotus"

 "Your meal is looking forwar for McCormick"

"McDonald's and its Veggieburger"

 "Slovak campaign for drink more milk named Discover milk"

"Smoked ones"


"Great ads for ads"

štvrtok 13. septembra 2012

First magazine ever

I decided to find, what magazine was as first in the world ever. What do you think? 

I though that first one could be sometimes in 19th century. But I was really wrong and suprised by my search results!

Here we go:)

Really really first magazine was at 1663. The world's first magazine – Erbauliche Monaths-Unterredungen (translation: Edifying Monthly Discussions) – was published in Germany. But I haven’t found more information about this, so let’s go to the first famous world magazine.
Edward Cave
 It was at 1731 a and its name is The Gentlemans magazine.
This magazine was edited by Edward Cave. He edited The Gentleman's Magazine under the pen name "Sylvanus Urban. The Gentleman's Magazine was founded in London in January 1731. Edward was the first who use the term "magazine" (from the French magazine, meaning "storehouse") for a periodical.

The original complete title was The Gentleman's Magazine: or, Trader's monthly intelligencer.

Cave's innovation was to create a monthly digest of news and commentary on any topic the educated public might be interested in, from commodity prices to Latin poetry. 

First regular employment as a writer was Samuel Johnson. During a time when parliamentary reporting was banned, Johnson regularly contributed parliamentary reports as "Debates of the Senate of Magna Lilliputia". Though they reflected the positions of the participants, the words of the debates were mostly Johnson's own.

Cave, a skilled businessman, developed an extensive distribution system for The Gentleman's Magazine. It was read throughout the English-speaking world, and continued to through the eighteenth century and much of the nineteenth, under a series of different editors and publishers.

It declined in tnineteenth century, and finally ceased general publication in September 1907. However, issues consisting of four pages each were printed in very small editions between late 1907 and 1922 in order to keep the title formally "in print". So this magazine ran uninterrupted for almost 200 years.

Timeline of The Gentleman’s magazine
  • 1731–1735 The Gentleman's Magazine or Monthly Intelligencer
  • 1736–1833 The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Chronicle
  • 1834–1856 (June) New Series: The Gentleman's Magazine
  • 1856 (July)–1868 (May) New Series: The Gentleman's Magazine and Historical Review
  • 1868 (June)–1922 Entirely New Series: The Gentleman's Magazine

Download real pages on this link! Here you can read this magazine from 1731 till 1750.

The iconic illustration of St John's Gate on the front of each issue (occasionally updated over the years) depicted Cave's home, in effect, the magazine's "office".