piatok 21. septembra 2012

11 food advertisements

We are what we eat or eat we what we are?

Man eats. We eat to survive. We eat beacause of experience of taste. We eat when we are sad. We eat because it's good. Rich people eat more expensive and more quality food. Poor people are satisfied with supermarket offer and they can have big pleasure and feast too. Some food is healthier, some is not so healthy. Someone cares what eats, someone doesn't.

BUT.  On what basis we choose our food? 
According what we know what is new, good and healthy?  
Essential role in our "selection" process definitely plays ads.

We now bring you a few of those ads we like.

"Delifrance - Ready to bake at home" 

 "Chio Nature"

 "Greeenpeace - Do you know what you eat?"

"Why not milk - what brand does this ads looks like?"

"Can you imagine your coffe without Lotus"

 "Your meal is looking forwar for McCormick"

"McDonald's and its Veggieburger"

 "Slovak campaign for drink more milk named Discover milk"

"Smoked ones"


"Great ads for ads"

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